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The Samsung ATIV book 9. Samsung is used on a lot of laptops what makes this one different is that it has a 12 inch screen as opposed to a larger screen and it runs Intel’s Core M processor. It is very slim, very light and it has a 12 inch, better than HD non-touch display. If that all sounds very familiar that is because it is essentially the same as Apples 12-inch MacBook. Again another 12 inch laptop, higher-res non-touch display, Intel Core M and again just about 2 pounds. The difference here is Samsung is running Windows and MacBook Apple’s OS 10 operating system.


And of course, Apple has very famously restricted this to a single USB type-c port. While Samsung shows you that even though you have got something that is very small and weighs the same, they actually managed to fit in one full-sized USB at a headphone jack, a second full-size USB and a 1:01micro HDMI port. This shows that you don’t necessarily have to strip all the ports out to get something this small and this light.


What you don’t get is that big extra wide face keyboard that Apple has on their version. This standard style keyboard certainly feels a lot smaller typing on it than the Apple version. But you get more of that deep satisfying click because the keys are actually deeper. The touchpad is fairly big but without a touchscreen you really have to rely on those multi-touch gestures that don’t work as well in Windows as they do in OS 10. Usually on a Windows laptop you would use a touchpad for some things, you may tap on the screen occasionally.


Performance is certainly good enough just like on the MacBook version for casual web surfing, Netflix streaming and HD video. The biggest difference between them is that Samsung ran for about seven and a half hours on our battery tests. Apple however, managed to squeeze 11 hours out of pretty much the same hardware.

The key other big issue is price. Apple is very expensive for eight gigs of RAM and a 256 gig SSD. The Samsung version for the same specs is actually £100 more.