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The MacBook family consists of the regular MacBook, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The new MacBook is the first MacBook to be available in the 3 different colours: silver, gold and space grey, just like the iPads and iPhones. It sports a 12-inch IPS Retina display with 3 million pixels. It has an Intel Core M mobile processor inside along with 8 GB of RAM and at least 256 GB of flash storage. This MacBook is for you if you meet any of these following conditions. This one is sporting that Force Touch Trackpad which is brand new. It also has the new butterfly mechanism keyboard. And really the looks of it is one of its best features because it does lack in performance. This is Apple’s thinnest and lightest laptop to date. It weighs just over 2 lbs and it has a 9-hour battery life. If you’re running basic applications like web browsing, email, office suites, productivity software, anything like that that is basic and nothing too CPU intensive, because this does have that Intel core M mobile processor which is not very powerful at all. It is made for mobile devices, so if you are just doing basic applications, it should be fine for you. If you want a laptop that mostly resembles an iPad, this is it. If most of your documents and data and your digital life is pretty much all wireless and on the cloud.


The MacBook Air comes in two different sizes, 11-inch and 13-inch. It does not have an IPS Retina display. It comes with 4 GB of RAM, can be upgraded to 8 GB and 128 GB of flash storage which can be upgraded to 256 GB. The MacBook Air has the 5th Generation Intel Core i5 dual core processors which can be upgraded to i7. I still think this one of the best laptops for students and travellers. It is super portable and ultra mobile. If you don’t mind having a non-HD display. If you care about battery life more than anything. The 13-inch MacBook Air has the longest battery life out of all the Apple laptops, up to 12 hours with the MacBook Air 13 inch. If you need access to Thunderbolt ports and USB ports and even an HD webcam, the MacBook Air has all of those features.


The MacBook Pro Retina comes in two different sizes, 13-inch and 15-inch. Both models have IPS Retina displays. The 13-inch has over 4 million pixels and the 15-inch has over 5 million pixels. The 13 inch comes with 8 GB of RAM and can be upgraded to 16 GB. The 15-inch comes with 16 GB standard. The 13 inch has 128 GB of flash storage and can be upgraded to 256 or 512 GB. The 15 inch comes with 256 GB of flash storage which can be upgraded to 512 GB. The 13 inch comes with the 5th Generation core i5 dual core processors, which can be upgraded to an i7 and the 15 inch comes with the 4th generation core i7 quad core processors. If you want the best performance and the fastest speed, definitely get the MacBook Pro. It is the top of the line. It out performs all of the other MacBooks and as the name implies, it is the pro model so if you care about performance over anything, definitely get the MacBook Pro. If you plan to run processor intensive or graphics intensive applications such as gaming, video editing, Photoshop, 3D modelling software, CAD, virtual machines, anything like that, you’re going to want the MacBook Pro because it will handle all those applications the best out of any MacBook. Also, if you don’t mind having a laptop that’s on the heavier side. The MacBook Pro is heavier than the MacBook Air and the MacBook because obviously its bigger and it has more internals so if you don’t mind having a little bit heavier laptop it will be fine. The MacBook Pro would be good for you. Also, if you want to replace your desktop. If you want a laptop that has enough power and performance to replace a desktop, the MacBook Pro would be the best for that because it has all the ports you need along with the HDMI port to connect to your HDMI monitor. It has Thunderbolt ports, it has USB ports, it has SD card slots so it can replace a desktop, plus it has great performance. So, if you meet any or all of those conditions, the MacBook Pro would be the best for you. Now which size should you get, the 13-inch or the 15-inch? Well get the 13-inch if you want long battery life, that new Force Touch Trackpad and the fastest read and write disk speeds. Get the 15-inch if you need that bigger display and you want the best processor and best graphics performance.