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If you’re looking to buy a new MacBook over Black Friday but aren’t sure which one to get here is a full line-up of Apple’s latest laptops. There are some variations of these machines as well some older generation laptops that are still for sale but I will be focusing on the current line-up. In the base configurations, we have the 12-inch retina MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro without touch bar and a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Starting off with design, the MacBook Air is the only current machine that hasn’t been updated with the design from 2010. That is not a bad thing, but it does have larger a more dated look. The other Macs have sharper edges smaller bezels and a metal hinge resulting in a premium feel. This new design affords a more compact size as well, allowing the 13-inch MacBook Pro to be smaller and thinner overall than the MacBook Air even though they have the same screen size. The MacBook is the smallest and lightest and also the only machine that is fan less due to its lower power Core M processor.


MacBook Air is the only one with standard USB as well as Thunderbolt 2 and SD card reader and Mac safe. This means that all your standard devices will work without adapters and Mac safe will protect your machine if your charging cable is prone to being yanked. Apple’s latest machines use only USB C ports for both charging and data transfer. The MacBook has one USB C port, this means you will need an adapter if you want to charge and transfer data at the same time. The 13-inch MacBook Pro base model has two USB sea ports, with four being offered on the 13-inch touch bar and 15-inch MacBook Pros. These ports are really powerful, featuring 10 gigabit per second USB and 40 gigabit per second Thunderbolt 3. They could do almost anything like daisy chaining Thunderbolt devices while charging and sending audio and video signals to a display. USB C is definitely the future but will require you to use some adapters or buy a few new USB cables for your current devices.


They share the same low-profile butterfly keys, but the Pros are more clicky, which improves the typing experience. The track pads use magnets to simulate clicks, this provides a consistent click feel and the ability to use force touch controls. The MacBook Air uses the older style keyboard that many love and a standard trackpad that requires more pressure at the top and emits force touch controls. All the keyboards are backlit but the air has quite a bit of backlight bleed compared to the new machines. Our 15-inch MacBook features the touch bar and touch ID which are really useful for logging in. The 13-inch MacBook Pro can be upgraded to the touch bar model which will include touch ID and two extra ports.


The only screen that isn’t class-leading is the AERS. It is one of the few parts that hasn’t been updated throughout the years and has low colour accuracy and resolution compared to the others. If you work with a lot of text, do photo or video editing or watch movies, the newer displays are much better. The MacBook Pro features the best displays both offering DCI p3 colour accuracy. The retina MacBook is the only one with a poor webcam due to how thin its display is compared to the others. The MacBook Air has the best battery life with 12 hours of rated web usage and video playback compared to 10 hours on the other machines. Some users report even better results with their MacBook Airs while some MacBook Pro users report lower than rated battery life.


The retina MacBook is the least powerful because of its fan-less Core M processor. The 13-inch MacBook Air and pro are fairly close in performance since they are both I 5 dual cores with the pro taking the lead in graphics because of its GPU. The 15-inch is the most powerful because of its quad core i7 processor and a dedicated Radeon pro graphics card. All of these machines are great in their own way. The MacBook Air is a good choice if you want a machine with legacy ports and fantastic battery life. If you need the thinnest lightest machine and use it mainly for surfing the web and email, the 12-inch MacBook fits that need perfectly. The MacBook Pros are the most powerful and flexible machines. If you need lots of performance and a larger screen size for heavy photo or video editing along with other intensive tasks, the 15-inch MacBook Pro is the right machine for you. My favourite overall pick is a 13-inch MacBook Pro, it starts at a middle price point and offers flexible ports, great trackpad, amazing display and a good mix of battery life and performance in a surprisingly small footprint. I think the 13-inch base MacBook pro will be the best option for most people. If you want a little bit more performance, I suggest upgrading to the 13-inch MacBook Pro with touch bar.