Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Review

The Dell Inspiron 11 3000  is an all new budget line from Dell to compete with HP stream 11  and the Lenovo 100 s. These budget notebooks are aimed at casual users who need a notebook for light duty work, affordability and something small and compact. With the new Inspiron 11 3000  you will get 100 gigabytes free of one cloud storage, your AC adapter and your power cord.

A break down of the specs  consists – an Intel Celeron n 30 50, 2 gigs of ram and 11.6 inch display with the resolution of 1366 by 768, 32 gigs of flash storage. It is a little too colourful for me, just like the HP stream 11 it comes in this blue glossy finish that is a fingerprint magnet. The whole notebook is made out of plastic and the bottom is made of this matte plastic finish that feels pretty solid. There are three colour choices to choose from: there’s alpine white, tango red and Bali blue. The weights comes in at 2.6 pounds and is fairly thin at 0.73 inches. The interiors mouth is two-tone black and white finish that looks pretty sleek for a budget notebook. For your ports on the left side you have your charging port full size HDMI, USB 3 and a micro SD card slot. On the right side you have got your headset microphone, jack combo, USB 2 and your noble lock slot. This has the same amount of ports as HP stream 11, so it’s pretty much a tie.

Where the Inspiron 11 3000 series excels is the keyboard flex: there is very minimal flex. Overall Dell offers a decent design, 11.6 inch TN panel and is just about the same quality as the other budget notebooks. The resolution comes in at 1366 by 768, which is pretty good for an 11 inch notebook.

Now the bad news is colour accuracy is poor the sRGB coverage came in at 62 percent and the Adobe RGB was 46 percent. Another minor complaint was the screen brightness was little on the low side, at 223 minutes indoor use will be fine but outdoor news will be limited with this kind of brightness. And last but not least it’s viewing angles, this is the TN panel so the viewing areas are going to be very limited. The displays on these budget notebooks are usually very poor so you will have to tilt it at a good angle in order to get a good picture. Processing performance comes from the Intel Celeron and N3050. This is a Braswell chip that’s built for light duty work like browsing the web, watching 1080p videos and Microsoft Office apps. If you plan on working some intense software then you’ll see the CPU come to a crawl.  When trying to run Minecraft the game looks playable but then you’ll get a massive framerate drop all the way down to 5 frames per second. Hopefully they can get this resolved soon. The button list trackpad is smaller and it feels crammed at times but given some time you’ll get adjusted to it.

Tracking two finger Scrolls were pretty solid. For a budget notebook this one takes the cake, it’s a much better performance than the HP stream 11. The keyboard is much smaller than the HP stream 11 but it offers good feedback and the key travel is good. Overall I had a good typing experience on this keyboard. This one is pretty much neck and neck with HP stream 11. The two top facing speakers offer adequate sound: they are top facing so the sound clarity is a little better compared to other budget notebooks. Battery performance from the 32 watt hour battery pack was good, I was getting around five and a half to seven half hours with medium screen brightness. Now this is with light duty tasks like browsing the web, working on office documents and mixed video streaming like Netflix and YouTube. The 720p HD webcam did a decent job, the brightness levels were poor but the clarity was actually decent.

The internal space of the  new Inspiron 11 3000 series is consumed by the 32 watt hour battery pack and motherboard. You do get two gigs of RA, but it is soldered on board so there are no future upgrades for those components. The 32 gigabyte EMC storage is soldered on board as well so you are left with about 17 gigabytes free after Windows 10 is preloaded. The read speeds are a little better than the traditional 5400 rpm hard drive. The only component you can really swap out is Intel 31 60, but I didn’t have any issues with this wireless card, my overall connection was solid and the range has been good.

So let’s get to the conclusion of the Dell inspiron 11 3000: this is a low cost notebook that’ll get basic computing tasks done. It’s just going to come down to what model and design you prefer. Another thing to keep in mind is the poor selection: The Stream 11 and the Inspiron 11 3000 feature one USB 2 and one USB 3. This might be a deal-breaker for some of you that want fast transfer speeds since the internal storage is very limited on these notebooks. I also prefer the full size HDMI port found on the HP stream 11 and Dell and keep in mind the Lenovo 100 s does not feature two fingers scrolling.

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